Areas of Competence. Mirugi Kariuki & Co Advocates
General Civil Litigation

MThe firms litigation group provides comprehensive legal counsel to a broad spectrum of businesses and individuals. We have in-depth experience in all types of disputes in both corporate and personal law and our litigators have earned a reputation as being aggressive, efficient and successful while representing our clients. Our team has litigated major trials at all levels of the judiciary system up to the Court of Appeal.

Corporate Law

The scope of corporate law practice is considerably wide but our firm endeavors to cover all areas of interest relevant to our clientele. These areas include; .

  • Company formations
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Investment Fund Formation and Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Debt and Equity Offerings
  • Asset Finance & Leasing
  • International and Regional Arbitration
  • Charges & Mortgages (preparation of chattels and mortgages)
  • Conveyancing in general
  • Certified Public Secretarial Services
  • Contract disputes
  • Contract for supply of services and goods
  • Drafting and negotiating leases
  • Environmental matters
  • Insurance claims
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Leases
  • Negligence
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Purchase and sale of both freehold and leasehold land
  • Unfair/wrongful dismissal claims
  • Advising client on development in the respective business area and especially new legislation
  • Debt collection
  • Mass tort and class action
Personal Law:
  • i. Wills
  • ii. Trusts
  • iii.Road Traffic Accident claims
  • iv. Probate, administration of Estates
  • v. Personal injury claims
  • vi. Family law disputes
Agricultural Law Consultancy

We have been engaged by the County Council of Nakuru and the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru to offer, advice and consultancy on the relevant provisions of the applicable laws on agriculture and other laws affecting people involved in agricultural activities.

Commercial Law Litigation

Arising from the many years of experience and with its dedicated team of competent lawyers, the firm has been able to offer full consultancy services on banking and commercial financial markets practice. We have handled and resolved complex commercial disputes and have always adopted the cheapest and fastest mode of settling without compromising the client’s interest. In this regard, we engage in negotiations, arbitration and when circumstances permit we make relevant application for summary orders in court.

Labour disputes

The onslaught of labour disputes continues unabated and the trend demonstrates escalating litigation resulting from wide spread litigation mainly due to reduction in the workforce, retrenchments, and redundancies. The hostile economic climate is forcing workers to scrutinize the reasons for their termination in more detail and inclines them to pursue claims of wrongful termination if they cannot secure employment elsewhere. The new legislative enactments particularly the Employment Act No. 11 of 2007 of the law of Kenya among others enacted in that year is fuelling changes in the employment landscape and further developments are expected. Our firm has excellent employment litigation practice covering the full gamut of labour-related litigation reinforced by tremendous counselling and all round employment expertise.

Human Rights Litigation

The firm is devoted to upholding the rule of law, respect for human life and dignity and safeguarding fundamental rights and freedoms. Accordingly, we have handled cases seeking enforcements of rights as well as protection of fundamental rights as encompassed in Chapter V of the Kenyan Constitution and enforced under Section 84 therein.

Environmental Law Consultancy

There is arguably no fiery topic on the globe as the environment. With sustainable conservation taking centre stage and the clamor for the need to reclaim and safeguard our wetlands, the firm remains committed to handling environmental cases of sizes involving all types of encroachment, right to access of public lands, regulatory issues, environmental pollutants and toxins. We are experienced in handling civil and criminal litigation involving government agencies, industries, corporations and private citizens.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Although we take pride in our litigation expertise, we recognize that this may not always be the best path to pursue for our clients. We have thus engaged mediation, arbitration, and other ADR techniques which present the most appropriate solutions for our clients’ success. We have engaged as negotiators, arbitrators and umpires in various disputes as well as representing clients in these alternative dispute resolution endeavours. We carefully consider the strengths of a case and all other extenuating circumstances that exist in our clients’ day to day business environment before advising on whether to settle for as between ADR and litigation.

Investments & Securities

Fuelled by the global credit crunch and increasing volatility in the stock markets, there is need to concentrate and secure clients interests in this area. Our team has the capacity to competently handle the full array of instructions and all interconnected matters in the area of securities including Initial Public Offers, underwriting and offering consultancy. We are also keen on the emerging area of securities class actions that seek to enforce and safeguard investor rights.

Debt Collection and Recoveries

Under the prevailing economic circumstances, it is imparative for government agencies (including local authorities), corporations, banks and even individuals to have efficient collection mechanisms. The firm has been engaged in collecting debts and making monetary recoveries in form of civil debts, detectral awards, land rates and other forms of monetary entitlements for institution such as the County Council of Nakuru, Family Bank, Equity Bank, Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) to mention but afew. The apporach adopted in this regard has left our clients fully satisfied since we have been able to make recoveries in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Micro-Finance Legal Consultancy

The economy of the East African region and Kenya in particular is essentially driven by the micro-financing. As a result, micro-financing institutions as well as mainstream lending entities have ventured into micro-financing thereby giving rise to an urgent need for micro-financing consultancy services from a legal ponit of view. Our firm has been recognized by several micro-finance institutions and offered consultancy services to entities including SMALL MICRO ENTERPRISE (SMEP), FAULU KENYA, KENYA WOMEN FINANCE TRUST, TATUA LTD, JAWABU CO. LTD to mention but a few.

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